Belair Road Shooter Possibly ID’d From Receipt

Baltimore Courthouse

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The attempted murder trial of 29-year-old Myles Edwards hinges upon the combination of video evidence and a receipt from a local business that a Baltimore City prosecutor said will connect the defendant to the Belair Road shooting last spring.

According to the prosecution, city surveillance footage captured a large portion of the incident on April 15, 2023, when Edwards is accused of shooting a man six times, striking the victim in his legs, back and hands on the 5400 block of Belair Road.

Although the footage was not played during opening statements on Feb. 15, the prosecutor said it will show the victim and a woman arguing in the street and a white Nissan Murano pull up alongside the woman shortly before the shooting.

The video pans away when the shooting occurs, he said, but shows the victim running away. Baltimore Police Department (BPD) detectives were unable to see the vehicle’s license plate, yet the shooter was seen wearing a ski mask with plain gray hoodie and black sweatpants as well as white sneakers.

The following day, detectives were on patrol, saw the suspect vehicle and attempted to pull over the driver; however, the prosecutor said, the driver of the vehicle sped off. Police were able to get the vehicle’s license plate.

BPD arrested the alleged driver of the vehicle—not the defendant—on May 4, 2023, and found a receipt for a purchase that was made about two hours before the shooting. The prosecutor told jurors that while reviewing the business’ video surveillance, police saw the defendant wearing the same clothes as the shooter.

Despite this evidence, defense attorney Jason Rodriguez argued the prosecution was missing a key detail: his client’s motive.

“[The defendant and the victim] didn’t have any beef. Their people didn’t have any beef,” Rodriguez said. “[The prosecution’s] case does simply not add up. They’re trying to take a square peg and fit it in a round hole.”

A detective’s testimony continued Edwards’ trial before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Jeannie J. Hong on Thursday afternoon, which is expected to continue on Feb. 16.

Edwards is charged with attempted first and second-degree murder, first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, firearm use in a felony or violent crime, firearm possession with a felony conviction, having a loaded handgun on his person, discharging a firearm within Baltimore City and illegal possession of ammunition.

The prosecution dismissed the following charges prior to the start of trial: conspiracy to first-degree murder, conspiracy to first and second-degree assault, second-degree assault, conspiracy to firearm use in a felony or violent crime, having a handgun in a vehicle, having a handgun in a vehicle on a public road and carrying a handgun within 100 yards of a public place.

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