Baltimore Sees Twice As Many Shootings As Homicides in March 2023

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Baltimore City saw more than twice as many non-fatal shooting as homicides in March 2023, with the bulk of shootings reported in the city’s western regions.

According to Baltimore Witness data, there were a total of 46 non-fatal shootings and 19 homicides last month. The city’s southwestern district had a reported 10 non-fatal shootings—the most shootings in all of Baltimore’s nine districts—followed by nine shootings in the western district and two shootings in the northwestern district.

Baltimore’s northern and eastern districts each had one shooting in March, increasing to three shootings and four shootings in the southern and southeastern districts, respectively. Baltimore Witness reported an additional six shootings in the northeastern district as well as eight shootings in the central district.

The locations of two shootings were unknown.

No homicides were reported in the city’s southwestern district last month; however, the western district reported five homicides, followed by four homicides in Northeast Baltimore and three homicides in Southern Baltimore.

The northern and southeastern districts each had two homicides, with a single homicide reported in East Baltimore and Central Baltimore, respectively.

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