Baltimore Man Found Guilty for South Loudoun Avenue Murder

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Dana Davenport was found guilty of first-degree murder on Jan. 24 for fatally shooting Tyrone Walker on the 200 block of South Loudon Avenue.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Jennifer B. Schiffer announced that the jury found the 30-year-old defendant guilty of first-degree murder, firearm use in a felony or violent crime, having a handgun on his person and in a vehicle and the illegal possession of a regulated firearm.

Defense attorney Marci Johnson requested postponement of Davenport’s trial twice, the first time due to corrupted body cam footage in the summer of 2023, and later for not being able to complete jury selection in the fall of the same year.

According to a press release, Baltimore Police Department officers responded to the scene after Walker was shot on June 5, 2022. Although the paramedics were able to transport the 37-year-old victim to the University of Maryland medical facility, he later died from wounds in his head and chest.

Davenport’s sentencing is scheduled on May 13.

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