Baltimore Man Charged with Murder Offered Three Life Sentences

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A 52-year-old Baltimore man accused of murder had his case rescheduled for reception court after being offered three life sentences, which were set to run concurrently, on April 5 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa M. Phinn

Keith Fleming is charged with first-degree murder, use of a firearm during a violent crime, having a handgun on his person, possession of a firearm with a felony conviction, illegal possession of a regulated firearm, first and second-degree arson, nine counts of first-degree attempted murder, nine counts of second-degree attempted murder, nine counts of firsts-degree assault, nine counts of second-degree assault, and nine counts of reckless endangerment in connection to an incident on Sept. 14, 2021. 

Judge Phinn listened as the prosecutor presented a plea of three life sentences for three counts of first-degree attempted murder to run concurrently but consecutive to four counts of first-degree murder along with three additional counts of attempted first-degree murder.  The sentences for the four counts of murder, and three counts of attempted murder were not given in open court.

After the prosecutor handed over the rest of the discovery given to the defense counsel, they had not yet reviewed everything, which resulted in Fleming and his defense attorney’s Janet Andersen and Robert Cohen not yet accepting or declining the plea. 

According to a news release, on Sept. 14 around 5:40 a.m., the Baltimore City Fire Department was called to the 800 block of Abbott Court, where they were able to extinguish a fire but found the remains of 55-year-old Pamela Pitts.

Pitts’ remains were sent to the Medical Examiner’s Office, and an autopsy revealed her death to be homicide by shooting.

Fleming’s next reception court hearing is scheduled for May 2.

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