Attempted Murder Defendant Granted Bail, Released on Home Detention

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On Dec. 6, a Baltimore man charged with attempted murder was released on home monitoring before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Phillip S. Jackson

Salim Williams is charged with four counts each of first and second-degree attempted murder, use of a firearm during a felony violent crime, four counts each of first and second-degree assault, having a loaded handgun on his person, having a loaded handgun in a vehicle, discharging firearms, four counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit the use of a firearm during a felony violent crime, conspiracy to commit first-degree assault, and malicious destruction of property valuing of less than $1,000 in connection to an incident on Sept. 23. 

According to court documents, on the day of the incident, officers were called to the 3000 block of Rosedale Court for reports of shots being fired. On arrival, officers spoke to a witness who said that shots were fired through her front door. 

A witness informed the police that her home was shot up due to a fight that occurred at her child’s school in which they were involved. The witness claimed she did not see who shot at her home. Afterward, officers spoke to the witness’ son, who was involved in a physical altercation with a female at school. He claimed when the fight ended, he went home. 

He also mentioned that while at home with a few people, he received a phone call from an unidentified female who said they wanted to meet up at the 1400 block of N. Ellamont Street to fight. 

As the witness’ son headed back to school, he brought other people along with him. Once at the school, all the kids begin fighting each other, which resulted in someone getting maced in the face causing the fight to cease. 

After everyone went their separate ways, the witness’ son went back home with the people he came with. While standing outside, one of the people with the witness’ son said they saw a white 2008 Volvo Sedan pull up to the 1400 block of N. Rosedale with three occupants. With the defendant identified as one of the occupants in the car, they exited and walked towards the home with a black handgun out and shooting. 

Williams’ defense attorney Roland Harris informed the court that the prosecutor assigned to the case is out sick with Covid. 

With that being said, Harris argued that the “discovery” in this case talks about two other possible suspects who fit the description of the shooter better than his client. He stated that the prosecutor has no real evidence that proves Williams was present at the scene of the crime. 

He continued by mentioning how he was unsure how the defendant was even identified as a suspect in the case. Harris believes that one of the other two possible suspects could be the shooter. 

Harris also informed the court that his client has completed high school and is a certified audio technician with an 8-month-old baby. 

Williams’ next hearing is scheduled for April 3, 2023. 

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