Attempted Murder Defendant Admitted into Hospital, Awaits Competency Review

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A defense attorney waived his client’s presence in mental health court on Jan. 11, citing that the defendant was awaiting an evaluation.

According to attorney Granville Templeton, attempted murder defendant Ahmad Moulden had recently been admitted into Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center where he is expected to be evaluated for competency.

An initial competency evaluation was conducted in November 2022, however a decision was not reached. 

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Gale E. Rasin ordered for all counsels to return on Feb. 15 to read the results.  

According to the Maryland Judiciary website, Moulden is charged with attempted first and second-degree murder, firearm use in a felony violent crime, first and second-degree assault, having a loaded handgun on his person, having a loaded handgun on his person, and  in the first and second degree, carrying a loaded handgun, and discharging a firearm in connection with on incident on July 10, 2022.

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