Attempted Murder Case Stems From Family Dispute

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An attempted murder case involving a family dispute hinges on the victim’s testimony as well the credibility of the suspect’s ex-partner. At issue is the shooting of an individual who is the new partner of the mother of the suspect’s children.

Isaac Baylis, Jr., a 38-year-old Baltimore resident,he is charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, firearm use in a felony violent crime, two counts of firearm possession with a felony conviction, possession of firearms during a controlled dangerous substance offense, having a handgun on his person, having a loaded handgun on his person and firing a gun in Baltimore City.

Citing evidence that the victim was shot from behind while attempting to flee, the prosecution argued on Nov. 2, before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Myshala E. Middleton, that, “This wasn’t a struggle, this was an attempt to kill.”

Defense attorney Isabel Lipman called into question the trustworthiness of the victim and his partner, the mother of Baylis’ children, by emphasizing the fact that their stories about the incident changed over time.

When their stories finally matched, Lipman criticized police for “shut[ing] the book” on the case.

Lipman alleged that the couple had a volatile relationship and  that they had a reason to pin the shooting on Baylis after an argument occurred between the three earlier that day.

While the prosecution had photo evidence and police body camera evidence of the scene of the crime, Lipman argued that the lack of ballistic evidence, video footage of the incident and forensic evidence made it very difficult to prove Baylis’ guilt.

According to the prosecution, on Aug. 27, 2022, the defendant was picking his children up from their mother’s house on the 700 block of Glenwood Avenue when he got into an argument with the victim and the children’s mother. He left the house with his kids, but returned 45 minutes to an hour later. When he knocked on the door, the victim answered and stepped outside, and the defendant allegedly shot at him at least three times. 

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