Accomplice in 2021 Deadly Robbery Sentenced to 20 Years

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A 31-year-old Baltimore woman was sentenced to 20 years behind bars on Nov. 9 for her involvement in a deadly robbery in 2021.

After agreeing to plead guilty in July, Lundyne Oldes was sentenced to life, suspending all but 20 years, and five years of supervised probation for the first-degree murder of 24-year-old Tyrell Johnson-Woods. The prosecutor and defense attorney Roya Hanna agreed on the terms of the plea, which also requires Oldes to register as a gun offender.

Presiding Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Yolanda A. Tanner additionally ordered Oldes to complete an anger management and conflict resolution program, drug and alcohol treatment and a clinical evaluation in any treatment that’s recommended from those programs.

Oldes’ sentence comes less than two months after her co-defendants, Freedom Brown, 19, and Devon Pailin, 27, were acquitted of all murder and weapons charges in connection to the fatal shooting on June 18, 2021. A fourth co-defendant, 28-year-old Brandi Renee Burrows, who also pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, is scheduled for sentencing on Dec. 18.

During Brown and Pailin’s trial in September, the prosecution told jurors that Oldes and Burrows acted as accomplices and drove the two men to the 3800 block of Derby Manor Drive where the shooting occurred. When the women were with Johnson-Woods, Brown and Pailin walked out of a nearby wooded area to the roadway’s guardrail and allegedly shot the victim eight times.

Oldes, who testified that she went through the victim’s pockets prior to the shooting, identified Pailin as the person who shot Johnson-Woods in the head. Brown and Pailin’s attorneys, Angela Shelton and Rodney Gray, respectively, disputed Oldes’ testimony, telling the jury she lied for the sake of her plea deal.

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