‘Absolutely Zero Evidence’ Defendant Intended to Harm Victim, Defense Attorney Says

Attempted homicide defendant Steven Jones is awaiting a judge’s decision on his bail after his defense attorney argued that there was “absolutely zero evidence” that the defendant intended to cause the victim harm during a shooting earlier this year.

Jones, 20, appeared before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Jeannie J. Hong on May 24 when defense attorney Andrea Jaskulsky provided insight into what unfolded about three months ago on the 1000 block of East 20th Street.

The defendant is charged with attempted first and second-degree murder and conspiracy to first-degree murder in addition to multiple assault and weapons charges. He has no prior convictions, according to the Maryland Judiciary website.

During a bail review on Tuesday, Jaskulsky said Jones and his mother were moving and her client was packing his clothes at their current apartment when he heard that his mother had been assaulted. Jones went to the Baltimore Police Department to try to find her but was unsuccessful. The defendant was accompanied by his uncle, Thomas Brooks, both of whom went to Jones’ new address where they found a 45-year-old man.

Brooks was the alleged shooter, the defense attorney informed the court, and is currently facing the same charges as Jones, who Jaskulsky said had no idea his uncle was armed.

The prosecution provided additional details of the incident, saying that “the nature of the shooting is retaliatory.” When Jones and Brooks arrived at the new apartment, she said, the two allegedly found the victim hiding in a bedroom closet and shot him three times.

“Both [Jones and Brooks] went through the home with the intention to cause the victim harm,” said the prosecuting attorney, who did not specify who fired the weapon.

Jaskulsky countered that there was no evidence proving Jones went to the apartment to assault the victim, but rather went to the address to look for his mother.

Judge Hong said she wanted documentation that Jones is in school full-time and has no prior convictions before making a ruling on his bail.

A new bail review date has not yet been determined; however, Jones is scheduled to appear in reception court on Sept. 29.