20-Year-Old Involved in a Shooting Released to Home Confinement

Baltimore Court Seal

On July 26, 20-year-old Pennsylvania resident Tyrell Whitt was released to home confinement by Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Philip S. Jackson for charges related to a shooting that occured on June 29.

The defendant is charged with possession of a firearm as a minor, having a loaded handgun on his person, carrying a firearm within 100 yards , having a handgun on his person, reckless endangerment, and discharging a firearm in Baltimore City.

Defense counsel, Jerome Wilson, argued the defendant did not have a record and acted from the grief and devastation he felt after learning of his brother’s death.

While the defendant did discharge a firearm, he did so without intention of harming persons or property, Wilson said.

“This is an isolated incident,” Wilson said requesting home confinement. “This is a young man with a bright future.” Wilson said Whitt is set to begin classes at a university in California in the Fall.

Pretrial services agreed with defense’s recommendation due to Witt’s clean criminal record.

The prosecutor was not present to provide a counter recommendation.

Judge Jackson released the defendant to home confinement to await his trial on Aug. 1.