18-Year-Old Brooklyn Homes Mass Shooting Suspect Eyes Transfer to Juvenile Detention Facility

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An 18-year-old teen charged with 57 counts of attempted murder and weapons charges for his involvement in the Brooklyn Homes mass shooting may be eligible to transfer from the Department of Corrections to a juvenile detention facility pending a Baltimore City Circuit Court judge’s ruling.

In July, approximately 30 people were shot, including two fatalities, during a mass shooting on the 800 block of Gretna Court during a Brooklyn Day block party. The Baltimore Police Department has reported four arrests since the shooting on July 2, including the arrest of Tristan Brian Jackson in August.

Jackson and his defense attorney, Lauren Dollar, appeared before Judge Jennifer B. Schiffer for a bail hearing on Nov. 14. However, Dollar did not advocate for the defendant’s release, but rather the transfer of her client to a juvenile detention facility.

Dollar requested Jackson—who currently has another pending juvenile case—be transferred so he can continue his high school education. The defense attorney also noted there was no allegation that Jackson arrived at the July event with a handgun, but instead, another suspect handed him the gun.

An assistant state’s attorney standing in for the lead prosecutor said she was not aware of this request prior to Tuesday’s proceedings and that Jackson could take classes that are available at the Department of Corrections. The defendant has had three run-ins with law enforcement in the past, she added, all of which involved handguns.

“The [Department of Juvenile Services] was unsuccessful in protecting the public from Mr. Jackson,” the prosecutor said.

Judge Schiffer did not make a decision on Tuesday, but said she would rule on the matter after inquiring about where Jackson would be held and the programs that would be available to him.

Jackson is currently slated for reception court on Jan. 5, 2024.

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