17-Year-Old Accused of Murder Offered Life Sentence

Baltimore Court Seal

The prosecution in a murder case offered a 17-year-old teenager a plea deal in connection to an incident that occurred on Jan. 17.

During reception court before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa M. Phinn on May 5, an assistant state’s attorney, standing in for the prosecutor on the case, offered a plea of life for first-degree murder and a consecutive 20 years for conspiracy to first-degree murder.

The offer has not yet to be relayed to Daquan George, who was represented by Robert Linthicum.

The prosecutor also confirmed that the state sent defense counsel a majority of discovery on May 4.

However, outstanding discovery including Baltimore Police Department officers’ body camera footage and two witness statements would be sent within the next two weeks, according to the prosecution.

George’s case is scheduled to return to reception court on July 6.