Prosecutor Urges Released Defendant to Maintain Safe Distance During Home Visit

A Baltimore man convicted in 2018 of attempted murder defendant received a positive review during his mental health court hearing on Jan. 11 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Gale E. Rasin.

Defendant Broderick Cameron reiterated his request to visit family in the area following yet another positive review from his employer and program director.

The prosecutor told the defendant to consult his program representative, but he was also cautioned by all parties to maintain a safe distance during his visit due to a young, sick child being present in the home.

Cameron works at a Giant grocery store and comes in contact with a lot of customers. All parties, including Judge Rasin asked the defendant to prioritize the health of the child and remain on the porch during his visit, which he agreed to.

Judge Rasin scheduled the defendant to appear again on Feb. 22 in mental health court.

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